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Bryan has been making music in Western Pennsylvania since 1997.  He ties his unique appreciation for a diversity of styles to his work; a work that has elements of classic Country, Appalachian roots, Alt Country, Americana, Political, Traditional and Protest Folk. Saying his first love is and will always be punk rock, its obvious to the initiated that he delivers a punk rock sense of passion into his work. He is Union Ironworker, Arborist and  musician. This combination fuels him, and his lyrics, with a firm sense of blue collar pragmatism. One part Prine, two parts Guthrie, a dash of Cash, a drop of Strummer, and garnished with Branan; Bryan's songs run the gambit from introspective to downright silly. Bred in Pittsburgh- his self proclaimed style "Coal Dust Country, Rustbelt Rock and Soul, Rhythm and Booze"  typifies this diverse mix but also showcases a witty, impassioned and edgy Steel Town Troubadour.

There are no upcoming events right now.

First Reflections on the New Year 

I played my first show of the year last night with an amazing group of local performers. And I resolved to become more active in the singer songwriter community here in Pittsburgh. There is such an amazing amount of talent that dwells within my city. I spent the last several years only briefly coming into contact with a group of performers that feels more like a family then anything else. Its hard to stay inspired in a vacuum. I put a lofty goal upon myself of writing songs this year. This year I focus more on the music which, through out every phase in my life, seems to be the bedrock on which I was placed.

Mass Attack! 

Very excited, I'm heading up to Massachusetts for two shows this weekend with my good buddy Matt Charette. I'm gonna see some old friends, play some new tunes and enjoy a slice of New England Autumn. If you're around please come out, details are listed in the shows section!

Long Live Woody Guthrie 

Four years ago on Woodys 100th birthday, I began LLWG a celebration of his life and outstanding influence through song. I am very happy to announce that this years line up is amazing and its a show not to be missed!.


Sat. Jan 24th Release show 

The release was a smashing success!! Thank you to all who came out to be part of one of the best nights I had in a really long time. Stay posted for more shows around Pittsburgh and the surrounding region.

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Bryan McQuaid is the founder and primary artist of Distruct-O Records.
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